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About Field Sport UK

Field Sport UK is an award-winning, family-run, outdoor activity centre. We care about helping you make special memories – and about the environment.

History of the Field Sport UK site
Our outdoor activity centre was originally a landfill site, then planted and left for 20 years with no woodland management plan. It became neglected and lots of trees died due to overcrowding. 
Our team has sympathetically managed the woodland, and removed dead trees and invasive weeds to create a rich, healthy woodland, which is home to lots of flora and fauna.

Our eco-friendly values
Sustainability and being eco-friendly, is important to us. We harvest rain water and have a composting toilet (it’s really nice and NOT as scary as it might sound!). We have planted willow-weaved hedges, which counteract the issues of lying rainwater due to the amount of clay in the ground. Much of the material used on site to build the structures and ranges that are home to our field sports have come from the woodland itself when the woodland has needed thinning. We harvest and plank the timber ourselves. The tops of the trees(branches) are rowed up into deadheading, the wildlife love making this there home. The shavings from the chain saw are used for the compost toilets and bark chippings are used for pathways. 

We also have 2 ponies on site, they help mow our grass which saves on labour and mowers, we then turn the pony poo into fuel for our log burner in the office. 

Wildlife is actively encouraged with bird feeding stations and a careful balance between ground clearance and unspoilt woodland for the deer, badgers, foxes and other woodland creatures. 
Even our gun cartridges are recycled and used in crafts.

Escaping the daily grind
We love putting together the perfect day for stag parties, hen parties, birthday boys and girls, friends and family groups, and businesses – in fact anyone with something to celebrate or looking to escape the daily grind and try high quality, outdoor experiences in the beautiful National Forest, between Derbyshire and Leicestershire.

Fun for all ages and clear pricing
We’ve put together fun, action-packed adventure days for people from 10 years to 90+!
Our centre is fully accessible to wheelchair users and we can cater for group sizes from two to 120.
There are no nasty surprises when you book with Field Sport UK. All equipment and instruction are included in the price quoted.

Time to savour your experience
You won’t be rushed around because another group is scheduled hot on your heels. We plan to ensure each group has plenty of time to savour every moment of the experience.
We choose our staff and our instructors with care to ensure they add to your special day by entering fully into the spirit of fun without compromising safety.

New activities in the pipeline
We are always working on new ideas for activities – so check back soon to see what’s new. We also welcome your ideas for making your experience the best it can be. Contact us at or ring 01283 763 350.

We ensure your needs are catered for and that everyone has an enjoyable and safe day - that's why we have so much positive feedback both in person and independently via TripAdvisor

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