Terms and Conditions

The parties referred to in this agreement are:

“FIELD SPORT UK” is a division owned by “Holme Farm Estate LTD”, Suite 2 & 3, Coalville business centre, goliath road, Coalville, Leicestershire, LE67 3FT.

“Pursglove Training” are separate trading companies of whom FIELD SPORT UK take bookings on behalf of, The independent suppliers and services may have different terms and conditions and it is the Client’s responsibility to be aware of them. Where applicable, terms and conditions and insurance certificates are held Field Sport UK and can be requested by the Client.

“Client” - The individual, company or other who has signed the Booking Form on behalf of the “Party”.

“Party” – The individuals to whom the activities or services will be provided.

“Agenda” – A timetable including suggested activities, accommodation, and or other associated services together with pricing information.

“Supplier” – The Contracted Party used to fulfil a service or activity contained in the Programme.

“Programme” – The activities and or accommodation and or entertainment requested by the Client which is confirmed in the Booking Confirmation.

“Contract” – The agreement between FIELD SPORT UK and the Client which comes into existence when FIELD SPORT UK accepts the deposit from the Client and issues the Booking Confirmation in writing.

“Website” refers to www.fieldsportuk.co.uk

"In Writing” – Includes correspondence by letter, fax and email.

FIELD SPORT UK reserves the right to withdraw or change these Terms and Conditions prior to issuing a Booking Confirmation. The Terms and Conditions are accepted by the Client to the exclusion of any previous Terms and Conditions, other than voucher terms and conditions if a voucher is being redeemed.

By entering into this agreement for the supply of services the parties agree to be bound by the terms and conditions contained herein.

1. Pricing

The price of the Programme is as stated in the Agenda. FIELD SPORT UK reserves the right to change the price of the Agenda prior to issuing a Booking Confirmation. All prices are in pounds sterling and are inclusive of VAT. Unless stated on the Agenda payment does not include the additional items such as food or any other items that are not specifically referred to.

2. Authority

The Client will be the point of contact for The Party and upon payment of the deposit confirms that they have the authority to act on behalf of all other members of The Party. If the Client is no longer acting as the group leader, FIELD SPORT UK should be notified in writing immediately. No correspondence will be entered into with any other member of The Party unless this condition is fulfilled.

3. Booking

The Client will confirm either in writing or orally that they wish to accept the Agenda. Upon receipt of a specified non-refundable deposit FIELD SPORT UK will issue a Booking Confirmation and Programme subject to the requested Agenda still being available. Group sizes must be confirmed at the time of booking as no refunds will be given for group members that have been confirmed.

4. Programme Content

The Client is responsible for carefully reading the Programme and checking that the details are correct. Activities may not be substituted for different activities without incurring amendment charges unless the Booking Confirmation is incorrect. FIELD SPORT UK cannot accept liability for any errors in the Clients Agenda if not notified within 3 days from the date of issue.

5. Payment

The Client is responsible for collecting monies from The Party and making payments to FIELD SPORT UK, and for ensuring that all members of The Party adhere to these Terms and Conditions. Payment of the deposit and balance must be made only by The Client on behalf of The Party numerous Cheques or individual card payments from The Party will not be accepted. The deposit as detailed in the Agenda is payable on booking and is non-transferable and non-refundable. A 25% deposit is payable for the amount of the total invoice. The balance is payable 10 days prior to the commencement of the Programme or by the date specified in the Booking Confirmation, whichever is earliest. Payment for Programmes booked less than 10 days prior to the commencement date is due in full on booking. All firearms courses are to be paid for in full upon booking the programme, FIELD SPORT UK reserve the right to consider failure to make payment of the balance on the due date as a cancellation and reserve the right to re – sell the Programme with no liability to the Client. Payment can be made by cheque, BACS payment or Cheques are payable to ‘Field Sport UK'. Any Cheques which do not clear on presentation will be subject to a charge of £20.00.

6. Amendments to the Programme by The Client

Every effort will be made by FIELD SPORT UK to alter or change all or part of the Programme were requested by a Client for free within 3 days of making the booking, if suppliers make a charge for the amendments to the Programme, this charge shall be passed on to the client. All changes must be made directly with FIELD SPORT UK. Amendments cannot be made after 3 days of the of making the booking. Amendments must be requested in writing. Should The Party reduce in numbers after receiving the Booking Confirmation, please refer to the cancellation charges in the Terms and Conditions.

7. Amendments to the Programme by FIELD SPORT UK

If FIELD SPORT UK cannot provide all or part of the programme due to circumstances beyond our control the Client will be notified of any changes as soon as possible. Every effort will be made FIELD SPORT UK to adhere to the programme. FIELD SPORT UK reserve the right at its sole discretion to alter or change arrangements should it be necessary to do so and shall have no liabilities to the Client save for a refund of monies expended.

8. Dietary Requirements

Some Programmes include meals. If any members of The Party have special dietary requirements, allergies or access requirements this information must be provided no later than 10 days prior to the commencement of the Programme.

9. Special Requests

FIELD SPORT UK will be pleased to assist with any special requirements wherever possible.

10. Participant Requirements, Restrictions and Exclusions

Specific activity requirements and restrictions are stated on the Website and are available on request. The Client is responsible for ensuring that The Party fulfils the necessary requirements to partake in any of the activities in The Programme. Any member of The Party or prospective member of The Party who has back problems, a heart condition, is pregnant or has any other condition which may be affected by physical exertion is advised not to participate without having consulted their doctor. The Party takes part in any activities at their own risk.

In some circumstances FIELD SPORT UK or any third Party Supplier may see fit to stop an activity if it is felt that its continuation would cause injury or harm to staff or any other persons on site. FIELD SPORT UK and any other third Party Supplier reserve the right to exclude any member of The Party considered to be medically unfit or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In the above instances FIELD SPORT UK will not be liable for any refund to the Client.

11. Safety

A safety briefing will be carried out at the start of each activity session, which the whole Party must attend. Individuals who fail to attend the safety briefing will not be allowed to take part in the activity and will not receive a refund. Safety equipment will be provided for each activity. The Party may bring their own protective equipment but this must be inspected and approved by a member of FIELD SPORT UK or other supplier’s staff before being used. The Party must wear sensible footwear. FIELD SPORT UK accepts no liability for loss or damage to property in any event. FIELD SPORT UK or other suppliers reserves the right to withdraw any member of The Party without refund from any activity where they are not complying with the safety briefing and are putting themselves or others at risk. The Party is required to abide by the rules and regulations as stated in the safety briefings. Some jewellery may need to be removed and hair may need to be tied back.

12. Behaviour

FIELD SPORT UK or any other third Party Suppliers may end or cancel the programme with no liability of reimbursement if the behaviour of The Party is likely in the opinion of FIELD SPORT UK or any other third Party Suppliers to cause distress, damage, danger or annoyance to other customers or members of The Party, employees, property or otherwise. If The Party behaves in a way that affects the delivery of any activities or enjoyment of other guests, The Party may be asked to leave the premises in which event the Client will forfeit all costs and any right to compensation whether the programme has been completed or not and will not be liable for any compensation sought from FIELD SPORT UK or any third Party Suppliers. FIELD SPORT UK cannot accept responsibility for other if any facilities or services are removed as a result of their actions.

13. Cancellation

Should The Party reduce in numbers after 3 days of the confirmation email being sent, the total invoice is still payable.

13.1 If The Client Cancels The Party or any member of The Party decides not to partake in any item on The Programme for any reason on the day, no refund will be given by FIELD SPORT UK. Refunds are only given where a Client cancels the booking within three working days of making the booking, provided the booking has been made more than 10 days prior to the activity date.

13.2 If FIELD SPORT UK Cancel items in the Programme, if for example but not exclusively, bad weather makes any activity unsafe, in which event FIELD SPORT UK reserve the right to substitute an alternative activity at short notice. FIELD SPORT UK may cancel items on the Programme at its sole discretion and will have no liability for any costs incurred by the client as a result of activity cancellation other than the difference between the price of the cancelled activity and price of the substituted activity.

14. Parking

Car parking is provided for The Party. Vehicles and contents are left at owners risk.

15. Insurance & Shooters Declaration

Insurance is not included in the price of the Programme unless otherwise stated. We strongly advise to take out insurance to cover any monies paid should the Programme be cancelled for any reason. A shooters section 21 declaration must be signed and failure to sign the declaration may result in the event being cancelled. FIELD SPORT UK or other suppliers accepts no liability in this circumstance. A copy of the declaration will be sent with the Booking Confirmation but does not need to be signed until the day of the activity and if there is any objection to the disclaimer being signed, FIELD SPORT UK must be informed within 7 days of the date of activity unless there is less than 10 days until the commencement of the Programme in which case no refund will be made. All activities contain an element of risk.

16. Third Parties

Some activities are carried out by third Party Suppliers. In booking activities with third Party Suppliers it is expressly agreed that FIELD SPORT UK acts only as an agent of the Client and that no liability whatsoever shall attach to FIELD SPORT UK in connection with or arising out of such arrangements. The contract between FIELD SPORT UK and the Client shall be subject to any terms and conditions of contracts of the third Party Suppliers.

17. Complaints

Any complaints must be reported to FIELD SPORT UK at the earliest opportunity, and no later than 7 days after the incident causing complaint. FIELD SPORT UK will try to resolve any issue as soon as possible to avoid spoiling the programme. If FIELD SPORT UK is unable to remedy the problem to the satisfaction of the Client at the time the problem is reported, a written report of any perceived failure must be submitted providing full details.

18. Refund Policy

Deposits are non-refundable. Balance refunds are only given where a Client cancels the booking within three working days of making the booking, provided the booking has been made more than 10 days prior to the activity date.

19. Agreement

This contract shall be governed by English Law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts. Any Programme booked with FIELD SPORT UK or other suppliers are booked in accordance with Terms and Conditions. It is the sole responsibility of the Client to communicate these Terms and Conditions and those of the suppliers to The Party.

20. Accommodation

The deposit required to book and secure accommodation is 25% of the total accommodation cost. The deposit is required at the time of the booking and will be payable directly to Holme Farm Estate LTD. You agree to pay the remaining balance 2 weeks before your check-in date, again directly to Holme Farm Estate LTD. In some case's accommodation suppliers will require the final balance payment up to 8 weeks before the Clients check in date. In these cases this will be stated to the Client at the time of booking. Some accommodation providers may ask for damages/breakages bond to be supplied by the Client. In all cases this will be specified to the Client at the time of booking and all payments will be made to Holme Farm Estate LTD unless otherwise stated. The bond payment will be kept with Holme Farm Estate LTD until 1 week after the Clients departure from the accommodation. Upon confirmation from the accommodation supplier that no breakages/damages have occurred during the Clients period of stay at the accommodation the bond will be released in full back to the Client. Where damages/breakages are reported, the full value of any such damages/breakages will be confirmed to the Client and the necessary amount will be deducted from the bond. In such cases any monies left from the bond after deductions will be returned to the Client.

In all circumstances

Field Sport UK will only accept a booking upon receipt of the Booking Deposit. Until the deposit is received, the Company shall be free to offer the Event Date to other interested parties.

21. Section 22 firearms act

I declare by making this booking I / the group are not prohibited under the provision of section 22 of the firearms act 1968, meaning any person who has been sentenced to a term of imprisonment or youth custody for a period of more than three months but less than three years is subject to a five-year prohibition from having a firearm or ammunition in his/her possession. A person who has been sentenced to a term of imprisonment or youth custody for a period of three years or more is prohibited for life.

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