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** Update 24/02/2021**

We are pleased to announce that we will be opening up again on the 29th March 2021
Details to follow in the next few days once we have received the COVID guidance for opening up safely
We would be extremely grateful if you could tell your friends and family about who we are and what we offer.
Hopefully see you soon ????


** Update 06/01/2021**

Due to Lockdown 3.0 We are Currently Closed until further notice! 

Please check back here for updates.

Stay Safe 

** Update 01/01/2021**

Hi All
We are now in Tier 4
Under Government Guidance issued we can confirm Shooting Grounds in Tier 4 areas can remain open for -
- Individual practice / lessons.
- Activities with people within your household.
- Activities with one other person from another household
Tier 4 areas should not be entered by anybody from a Tier 1, 2 or 3 area. Full details of Tier 4 guidance can be found on the government’s website.
Please remember you must pre book and Face coverings must be worn by everyone at our centre.
Hopefully see you soon.

** Update 30/11/2020**


If you have an activity booked with us from the 4th December onwards, it will be going ahead! Please make sure all of your forms & payments are completed.

If you do have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

** Update 4/11/2020**

** As of the the 5th November 2020 Field Sport UK will be Shut due to COVID lockdown 2.0. We are hoping to re-open again on Friday 4th December 2020. Keep checking back for updates**

** If you have a booking booked within the closed dates, we will be in touch, alternatively please contact us** 


We’re excited to announce Field Sport UK will be reopening on the 11th July, booking phone lines will open from the 1st July. 

We’ve been working hard to welcome back our visitors, to ensure your experience complies with the latest government guidance to be covid safe. These guidelines will be monitored and adjusted to keep in line with government guidelines.
If any of our visitors or team feel unwell with COVID-19 symptoms, you must follow government guidelines, stay at home and follow self-isolation procedures.
The following changes must be adhered to at all times:

1.     Prebook - You must pre book. 

2.     Arrival time – We ask that you do not come to reception until the time we have stated, please wait in your car until this time. Due to strict timings late arrivals may not be able to go ahead. You will be welcomed into the site by a staff member.

3.     Face Coverings – You will need to wear a face mask / covering at all times (mask is preferable). If you are exempt from wearing a mask, we ask that you visit Field Sport UK when our procedures have been relaxed, as at this moment in time everyone will need to wear a mask in line with guidelines and our company procedures. Masks can be purchased onsite for £1 each.

4.     Sign In – You will have your temperature taken and asked the following questions -

A.   Have you or anyone else in your household / bubble been tested for Covid-19 within the last 14 days? (from the date you will be due at the activity centre)

B.    Have you or anyone else in your household / bubble had any coronavirus symptoms or self-isolated in last 14 days?

C.    Do you have a new or continuous cough? Coughing a lot for more than 1 hour

D.   Have you had a fever in the last 7 days? Hot to touch on your chest or back

E.    Have you noticed a loss of taste and/or smell?

F.    Have you been contacted via the track and trace system and asked to isolate? Or live in an area on local lockdown. We may be required to share your details with track and trace.

5.     Washing hands on arrival - You will be directed to a bay where you will need to queue to wash your hands.

6.     Field Sport UK Staff – Our staff will be wearing appropriate PPE and will look very different, however they are still the same people and they will still have fun with your group while keeping everyone safe.

7.     Social Distancing – You must adhere to social distancing within your family bubbles that make up your group and where possible with our instructor.

8.     Food & Drink – At the moment food and drink cannot be purchased onsite and we ask you not to bring food and drink on site unless needed for medical reasons, litter will need to be taken off site.

9.     Toilet – The toilet can be used, you will need to ask a member of staff to unlock this. It will then be cleaned after use.

10.    Activity – We ask that you do not have a face to face discussions with our instructors if you are not 1m away. Some activities will require the instructor and you to be side by side.

11.    Score Cards - The instructor will complete the score cards, unfortunately at this moment in time score cards and paper targets cannot be taken off site but you can take pictures of them.

12.    Seating Areas – these areas will be closed off at the moment. If you have a member of your group that struggles to stand for long period of times a walking / seating aid may be bought on site.

13.    Smoking Area - This area will be open however space is limited and you must stay socially distanced. 

14.    Leaving – you will be required to wash your hands before you leave and we ask that you exit the site promptly which will help to keep areas from crowding.

15.    Disruption due to Covid – our policies and procedures may need to be altered at a moment’s notice in line with government guidelines.

16.    Help - You must be physically able to complete the activity as at the moment the instructors are restricted in the help they can offer.

17.    Jewellery & Hair – hand jewellery should be removed or covered and long hair will need to be tied back.

18.    Spectators - We can not allow spectators At the moment as we have to monitor the amount of people on site.

If you feel unwell on the day, you must alert a member of staff straight away. Unfortunately.

Upon booking in you will receive a waiver & COVID-19 information sheet, which will explain all of our procedures.
To book your experience at Field Sport UK
Tel: 01283 763350
Tel: 07973 115769

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