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Ancient and fascinating methods of fire lighting!

You just can't beat the feeling of warmth and comfort that you get from gathering around a crackling fire, we have been doing this since we were in caves. 

Our team will share their knowledge and experiences with you so that you are equipped with the skills to source the correct materials for your chosen method/s dependent on the enviroment that you are in, how to effectively manage your fire depending on your task and how to safely enjoy and extinguish your fire.

Fire Making is the most important tool in bushcraft and without it life would not be possible. This fire making course is a great team building activity, the groups will develop communication / organization and team skills, helping individuals to find solutions to challenging problems in the workplace.

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Bushcraft Fire making course at Field Sport Activity Centre, based in the heart of the Midlands on the Leicestershire / Derbyshire border

There are many methods to making fire:

  • Fire steel
  • Fire piston
  • Flint and steel
  • Bow drill
  • hand drill
  • Friction fire lighting 

We will also explore

  • Tinder
  • Natural fire lighters
  • The fire triangle 

Great outdoor bushcraft activity and very rewarding - excellent for:

Essential Info

Remember, all activities and packages must be pre-booked.
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Gold Package

Silver Package


Gold Package
Approx 2 hours

Silver Package
Approx 1 hour


Field Sport UK, Melbourne Road, Lount, Leicestershire, LE65 1RS

Group Sizes

Note, we do not mix groups - you will be in your own group with your own personal instructor.

Gold Package
Minimum 4 people

Silver Package
Minimum 2 people 

Maximum group: 50 (more if other activities are incorporated)

Groups of 1-3 people - click here

What's Included

Instructor and bushcraft equipment

Gold Package
In-depth course on various methods of fire making 

Silver Package
Basic fire lighting technique

Age Requirements

Minimum age of 10 years old

Important Information

This activity is outside. 

All bookings, activities and experiences are subject to our Terms and Conditions.

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